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Eastwood Middle School

Campus Life

Campus Life Site Leader

Trevor Schlosser



Eastwood Middle School Campus Life

At Eastwood Middle School Campus Life, students will find a place where they can be themselves, fit in, and have fun! We talk about things that are relevant to teens wherever they are in life and give them a chance to be heard, talk about what is going on in their lives, and know that a caring adult is there and ready to listen. We enjoy having fun and playing lots of games, but especially enjoy our discussion times where we talk about topics important to our students.


We hope that your student will come to Eastwood Middle School Campus Life and get involved! It's a great place to make friends and feel like you are a part of something.


If you are interested in attending or have some questions, please contact our Campus Life Site Leader at Eastwood Middle School, Trevor Schlosser at (214) 934-1409 or


We look forward to connecting with you!