Hear A Story

From Fearful Student to Courageous Youth Pastor


Upon starting my junior in high school, I started attending the YFC Club at Franklin High School where I found myself struggling with obeying the Lord and the calling He gave me. Three weeks into the fall semester I was given the honor of bringing the word of God to the group. Nervous and anxious, I talked about the importance of being in a community of believers. From that point on I came alongside the current student leader and by the end of the year, I was appointed to be the next student leader. The Lord used my senior year to teach me how to allow Him to change me into His image. 

I graduated in 2016 and attended the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) majoring in Civil Engineering. While at UTEP, I became a YFC intern to help students discover what I found in high school. Because YFC and others invested in my life I have now become the Youth Pastor at Mountain View Baptist Church. My joy was later made complete when I was told I would have the opportunity to go into Chapin High School and help lead the YFC club there. I’ve transformed from a fearful student leader to a youth pastor.               


  Story by Izzy(Youth Pastor)