How the Volunteer Process Works

If you are interested in serving with Youth for Christ El Paso, please complete the Volunteer Application and email it to [email protected] to begin our volunteer process.


All volunteers need to complete several forms before starting on campus.

Church Sponsor Information - Please complete this if you are a new church that is interested in partnering with us.
Teacher Sponsor Information - Please complete this if you are a new teacher that is interested in hosting a YFC club on your campus.
Volunteer Application - Please complete this if you would like to become a Volunteer with YFC.


All volunteers including Church Pastors, Church Volunteers, Individual Volunteers, and Juvenile Justice Ministry partners must complete these forms and certifications.

YFC Background Check - Please fill out this document and return it to us either in person, post mail, or by email.
Volunteer Sponsor Information - All volunteers need to complete this form before starting.
Volunteer Handbook - This contains all of our YFC El Paso policies and procedures, and is for you to keep. We do not need this returned to us. Please take a moment to read through this document.
Volunteer Commitment Agreement - Please sign and date this form as an agreement to abide by all YFC El Paso standards and policies.
Praesidium Child Safety Training - All Volunteers for Campus Life or JJM must complete our Child Safety Training and email us their certificate. Follow the insturctions on the document to begin your training. Click here to start the training.

School District Volunteer Background Check - Depending on the school district your club is in, please complete a background volunteer application for that school district. We do not need this turned in to us. You may not be allowed on the campus until this is complete for that district.


Please email the completed forms we need and child safety certification to: [email protected]