Aftercare and Mentoring

We have an incredible opportunity to meet youth in the middle of a crisis and allow Christ to transform their hearts and lives while they are in the facility, but what about when they are on the "outs," when they are released? We would like to work together with other YFC Core ministries, the local church, and other like-minded partners to help brave the challenges of working with previously incarcerated youth. We want to disciple and create life-long followers of Christ who change their generational habits and become leaders within their communities. 




1. Mentoring " Discipling"

One caring adult committed to one teen for a year can make all the difference in their success or failure. This can be a one-on-one meeting each week for at least an hour, a group setting where they are encouraged by peers or other mentors, planned events that give opportunities for youth to have healthy interactions with peers and adults or correspondence through phone, text, email, Facebook, etc. 


2. YFC Core Ministries

We want to connect our youth with YFC Campus Life Clubs within their schools to get them involved with other believers in their peer group as they transition back into society. 


3. Local Church

Leaders within the local church who are committed to the 5 Essentials of YFC are a safe transition group for JJM youth into their faith community. The church community offers additional support with keeping youth accountable while surrounding them with loving examples of Christ-like behavior.