About JJM

Weekly Services
JJM El Paso has been operating inside the El Paso Juvenile Probation Department for over a year! Every weekend we enter the Challenge Academy and share the glorious Gospel of grace through Jesus Christ! To date over 100 youth have heard the saving Gospel of Jesus with approximately 40 decisions to receive Him as personal Lord and Savior! None of this would be possible without your prayer and financial support. We look forward to all the things that God has in store for this ministry.

One on One
This new initiative was launched in order to build a deeper relationship with the youth willing to meet one on one for prayer, additional lesson time or desiring to know the Gospel more clearly before making a decision. The openness already experienced is exactly what we were hoping for! Our desire is that as a result of these deeper relationships the youth will be willing to connect with us on the outside and continue their journey of faith.

Our Ministries