Noel C. Sattelmeier's Story

In 2013, one of our teacher sponsors from Coronado High School, Caleb Sattelmeier and his wife Alex, found out they were pregnant. They were so excited to welcome their first baby into the world. As the months went on they found out their little girl had major complications and the prognosis was that she would pass away within minutes of being born due to issues with her heart. This devastated them, especially Alex, with having to carry this little girl for 9 months and possibly having to say goodbye within minutes. They got second and third opinions and all the doctors concurred.

Delivery day came and little Noel was born, and she didn't pass away, she actually kept breathing, crying, doing all the things newborns do. The doctors had no idea why this was happening and they couldn't figure it out. Noel went to live for 15 days, defying all odds and being such a huge blessing to her parents who got so much time with her. We as believers know why this happened, because of our Lord!

Today statistics keep coming out that students who say they believe in God will have only a 15% chance of surviving with their faith through college and through their 20's. All the data out there says that once students leave their homes and get into the "real world" their faith is no longer relevant to them. We do not believe this is true, we believe that our YFC students will be like little Noel C. Sattelmeier and defy all the statistics and the odds and our students will continue to passionately pursue their Lord and Savior into college, into their 20's and beyond, blowing all those statistics out of the water!

Our scholarship is a testament to that. We want to help YFC students with higher education in a belief that the students who receive this scholarship will become a part of a community college or a University and be the light of Christ on that campus as well and continue the legacy that Noel C. Sattelmeier left with us!

The Noel C. Sattelmeier Scholarship will be open  March 2020.


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